End-of-life Cloud V4 interface

as you may know, the v4 user Interface is end-of-life.

Starting January 2020, our classic interface will be no longer maintained and will be progressively deactivated. You will be automatically redirected to the new “v5” interface to manage your servers.

The switch to our new interface will not have any impact on your servers or your Cloud Credit, which will be transferred automatically.

We recommend that you activate your Gandi account on our new website as of today, and start using it to manage your Cloud servers.

If you are unsure how to activate your account, or have questions, please have a look at our documentation at https://docs.gandi.net/en/account_management/activate_account/index.html.

Nearly all of Gandi Cloud’s features are already available via the v5 interface, and the most frequently used ones will be coming in the the next few days.

Below is a global summary about the main features already available in v5 and the features about to arrive.

  • CPU and RAM resize on a server : Available since 2018.
  • Volume (disk) management : Available since 2018.
  • Public IPv4 management : Available since April 2019.
  • Public IPv6 creation & management : Will be release mid November 2019.
  • Private Networks management : Will be fully release at the end of November 2019.
  • Volume snapshots management : We be fully released at the end of November 2019.

Any important feature is missing to you ? Please feel free to leave us a message here.


Cloud v4 Web interface is now closed…

stay tuned, new features arrives in v5 !