Gandi.cli on V5

Trying to get the gandi cli working with V5. I’e created a new API key and have run ‘gandi setup’.
I put the API key from the security tab as the answer to the API key (xmlrpc), then my public key location, then there is a request for the API key (REST) which doesn’t seem to be in the docs but I left that at default. It all seems to get accepted.

If I run ‘gandi vm list’ I get:
Invalid API key, please use ‘gandi setup’ command.

If I run ‘gandi config list’ I get one variable (I was expecting four) which is just the default location of my public key (which is wrong).

It’s like the script is not writing the setup variables to disk.

Any thoughts anyone?

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I’ve got it working by going back to the old V4 interface and getting a new V4 API key - no idea how long that will last tho - anyone?

Seems that the snapshots under the V4 API are different to the snapshots visible on the V5 GUI? So the snapshots are different under different interfaces?
I needed the gandi cli as I have loads of snapshots to delete but those snapshots are not available under the V4 API - so that’s not working out for me then

Hello Simon,
Sorry answer a little bit late due to => :santa:

About the Gandi CLI, unfortunately during a few months you will need to keep using the existing one with XMLRPC API, and the associated key. A feature will be available in V5 interface in order to (re)generate xmlrpc api key if needed.
Then in the next months we will work on the public v5 API and then make finally evolve the CLI.

About the snapshot between v4/v5, yes we aware that we have a synchronization issue, we released a few days ago a patch that should have fixed the problem, but if you still have some snapshot visible only in v4 or only in v5, can you open a support ticket ( ) to help us analyzing and fixing ?

Thanks again for your trust and enjoy the end of 2019 :slight_smile: