Get a status monitoring and notifications system

I’m using nodeJs with Simple Hosting and I’m very satisfied !

It would be really valuable to get status/notification in case my server service is down.
I usually use a service like StatusCake but I’m sure you already monitor this internally (to reload etc…)
It would be great to be notified on down time and get an history of status changes ?!




Gandi provide a status page here :

You can get notification using RSS/Atom feed : or

You can also check the twitter feed :

Hum thanks for your reply, but I was talking about “my” simple hosting service monitoring.
I mean, if nodeJs failed to start or… crashed in loop, if HTTP request server always reply 504…

Hi Martin !
Welcome and thanks for your message :slightly_smiling_face:

It is a feature that we would like to provide our users with. However today we won’t be able to do it in a short term roadmap.

could you let me know if in your use case, Statuscake (or other similar monitoring service) could answer your need ? and if not, quickly explain us why ?

Thanks a lot !

StatusCake fills the gap but is quite too much for me.
For instance, at least, I only want to be warned when my server is down.