How to create a Server?

Today, there is only 2 ways to create a server: on the Gandi user interface.

  1. From the Gandi user interface
  2. From the Openstack CLI

From the Gandi user interface

  1. Authenticate yourself on
  2. Access to GOStack section and click on ‘Create a server’
  3. Complete the form : choose a configuration, an OS image, enter your ssh public key or select an existing one and give a name to your server. Validate the form
  4. It will take about 2minutes to create the server.
  5. Once the server is active, you can connect to it through SSH !

From the Openstack CLI

Please refer to this message that explains how to do : Public API is now available ! How to configure the Openstack CLI

Sorry, but I didn’t find how to enter my ssh public key.
All I’ve tried failed.
May I have a little help?

Hello Egide,
Do you have a difficulty to enter the public ssh key on the form or to create a ssh-key ?

Can you share with me the error message ?
thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Just a problem of syntax.
The name of the key with
special characters _, @
was refused but the error
message indicates
unable to import the ssh key.
Solved now and server created.

However, I didn’t see on the server creation
form how to create a new ssh key.
I used an existing ssh key on my machine.

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