List of services on OpenStack

Hello Gandi OS team,

I tried to check what service are available,

From your WebUI, we can spawn a virtual machine on HVM XEN on provider network.
I can create a volume from an image and boot on :
openstack --os-cloud gandi volume create --image 0a44df66-3834-4611-8a26-5e4808f8361a --size 5 --bootable test02
openstack --os-cloud gandi server create --volume test02 --flavor gos-4 --security-group default --key-name cl --nic net-id=$(openstack --os-cloud gandi network show public -f value -c id) --user-data /tmp/userdata test02

There is not ephemeral disk only volume ?
Only volume-backed servers are allowed for flavors with zero disk.

I can setup my access group :
openstack --os-cloud gandi security group rule create --protocol tcp --dst-port 53 --remote-ip default

I can’t add an custom image ? Is it due you are using XEN ?
openstack --os-cloud gandi image create --disk-format qcow2 --file Tools/Openstack/Usage/Autoscale/ospheat/Fedora-Cloud-Base-32-1.6.x86_64.qcow2 fed32
HttpException: 403: Client Error for url:, 403 Forbidden: You are not authorized to complete add_image action.

I can’t create a private network ?
openstack --os-cloud gandi network create local
Error while executing command: HttpException: 503, Unable to create the network. No tenant network is available for allocation.

No Loadbalancer ?
openstack --os-cloud gandi loadbalancer list public endpoint for load-balancer service not found

There is not heat stack automation service ?
openstack --os-cloud gandi stack list
public endpoint for orchestration service not found

In summary, this is working well. API are a little bit slow. For me network, custom image and heat automation are missing. Could you provide the list of service available and your roadmap ?