PaaS backups solution?


Since this incident : and this “precision” :

I’m wondering if gandi will be able to provide us a “real” backup option/solution ?
The support indicated to me that it wasn’t planned.

But I don’t like the idea of doing my backups at amazon, google etc…
And except for this lack, I like Simple hosting.

So is there a chance to have something “included” to gandi PaaS ? (with or without extra fees)

Thanks for your help,

On Gandi V4 there was a “repulsion” option for PAAS cloud volumes - “a system that assures that 2 disks are physically located at 2 different storage units”. Currently it is not available on V5. Can someone from Gandi please add it to the To Do list as an urgent priority?

I’m talking about paas solution : simple hosting.
I think you are talking about Iaas : cloud server.

Hello !
Backup is a big topic !
Proposing a real backup solution request a important investment (in dev, hardware, people,…) if we want to do it correctly.
We would like to offer it, but to be transparent, today it is not in our short term plans.

In short term at least, we are thinking about make easier for our users to export the data of their Simple Hosting onto their local workstation or somewhere else.

How do you proceed today to backup your simple hosting ?



Today (since the incident), I have a cron task (every 6 hours) on simple hosting which make an archive of “end user uploaded files” plus a database dump and then it is pushed on Amazon S3.
(My code is “backed up” through versioning platform)

But if I could avoid depending on an external service (from a giant organization…)…