Perfecting domain security

(Apparently, this forum is not the most active service of Gandi, but hello and welcome.)

So, I have registered a domain (4 actually, but right now tinkering with only one) and after looking around several places, I found that the most suitable way to host my content is Simple Hosting by Gandi. At least, it seems so, for now.

I have been messing around with DNS, and somehow I just couldn’t get everything right on and - two diagnostics site I use to confirm the security setting of a domain.

Creating individual sites on my SH instance eventually worked like a charm, I don’t get 403s, handshake problems, or any other unwanted responses for both www and mta-sts - and in the future, openpgpkey - subdomains.
But on the storage management side, it seems that linking files and folders is not an option?
Or is there a difference between softlinking and hardlinking?

Thanks in advance, should anyone notice this new post. :slight_smile:

But, on a second thought, I can create different vhosts for different resources, and only for those. Maybe adjust a bit here and there for SEO, but in general, that should work. Like the subdomains for specific files in .well-known, subdomains for images, css, js, etc.


If you’d like to link multiple addresses to a single root directory, you can use the Multi-Address Management tool available in the Simple Hosting Control Panel.

You can also activate and connect to the SSH console to manually create any symlinks if that’s what you require.

Don’t hesitate to open a support request at if you run into any issues.


Oh, thanks for the tips, I guess I got too used to Cloudflare’s “everything on the account dashboard” approach. :thinking: