Some minor problems with the console

I had to use the console just now when I misconfigured the sshd_config file (don’t ask!).

I had some difficulty because my password has characters like @ \ in it and the keyboard mapping was wrong so that my logins failed until I realised what the problem was. (It’s happened to me before and it’s easy to test by typing into the name field). I think this may not be easy to fix but it might be a good idea to indicated that (for example) UK layout keyboards may be mapped incorrectly.

The other thing is that it says “You need to create a root password in order to access …”. That’s a bit misleading, you don’t need to create a root password, you need to set a password for the user who has sudo privilege so that that user can login on the console. A note on how to do this would be useful.

Hello !
Thanks for your message :slight_smile:
For the issue with the keyboard mapping, it will complicated for us to provide soon a better experience, but yes like you said we could probably add a note about the fact the mapping can be different.

Related to the fact that a password need to be set in order to use the console, you’re right again we could be more clear:)

Thanks for those feedbacks !!